Embarking on your climbing expedition

It’s not for the faint-hearted. Climbers need to start early – and round here, early means waking at 4:30am. This allows time to reach the park gate when it opens at sunrise, and then make the 65km drive to Sossusvlei in a 4×4 over the soft sand. An early start also displays the dunes as their most picturesque. The rising sun causes one side to glow a fiery red, while the other is entirely in the shadows. It truly is a paradise for even the most amateur photographer. As the sun soars higher in the sky, the landscape appears to flatten as the shadows disappear.

If the early wake-up call has left you feeling dizzy, ascending Big Daddy’s crest will really make your head spin! It takes an average of 50 minutes to reach the first plateau – which rewards adventurers with awesome dune panoramas, a peek down into Dead Vlei, and gorgeous photo opportunities.

Continuing to the second peak requires stamina, bravery and an extremely large bottle of water. It takes at least another hour with the sun now high in the sky and not a spot of shade in sight! But of course, the views from the top are astounding, and if you reach the summit, you have truly conquered one of nature’s harshest giants.

Now comes the reward – running down the soft sand of the slipface. Two hours of endurance to the top – five minutes of sheer pleasure bouncing down to the the bottom! The adrenaline rush will give you enough energy to take a stroll around Dead Vlei for some photos, before a well-earned lunch at a shady picnic spot.

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Running down Big Daddy Climbing Big Daddy offers an unusual view of Dead Vlei 

Sossusvlei Facts

  • Big Daddy is the tallest dune in Sossusvlei but not in the Namib Desert – that honor belongs to the giant 383m Dune 7.
  • In the Nama language, “Sossus” means “a gathering place for water”. “Vlei” is Afrikaans for “a shallow lake”.
  • The dunes of the Namib were created by sand being carried on the wind from the coast. The wind in Sossusvlei itself blows from all directions meaning the dunes are known as “star” dunes – as they cause the sand to form a star shape with multiple “arms”. This wind pattern also means that the dunes hardly move.
  • The sand here is five million years old. It is comprised mostly of tiny grains of coated in a thin layer of iron oxide, giving the Namib its distinctive red color.

American actor Will Smith has landed in Namibia where he will be filming a documentary for National Geographic knows as One Strange Rock. The history and science documentary, for which Smith is the host, is now in its second season

will smith

FINANCIAL literacy is not only limited to bookkeeping, debit and credit rules but also involves understanding the basics on how to grow your money.

This was noted by Bank Windhoek’s head of corporate affairs Hayley Allen, who said basics such as understanding one’s banking fees can help one avoid unnecessary charges and penalties.

“Customers who understand their banking fees can learn to manage their accounts effectively and save money,” she said.

According to her, understanding such basics can also help customers meet their financial goals.

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The bank may charge these fees annually, monthly, or on a pay-as-you-use basis.

According to the Bank of Namibia, banking customers are divided into safety seekers, traditionalists and balancers.


KAMPALA – Uganda ordered the shutdown of social media and messaging applications on Tuesday, just two days before a highly-charged election, after Facebook closed the accounts of government officials it said had tried to manipulated public debate.

The vote on Thursday will come after one of the bloodiest campaigns in years, as veteran leader Yoweri Museveni seeks a sixth term against pop star-turned-MP Bobi Wine, who has managed to fire up a youthful population that has mostly known only one president.

Wine, who has spent most of the campaign in a bulletproof vest and combat helmet facing teargas, bullets and numerous arrests, on Tuesday urged his supporters to “protect” the election from rigging.

Despite the 38-year-old’s popularity, few observers believe he can pull off a victory against Museveni, a 76-year-old former rebel leader who has ruled since 1986 and effectively crushed any opposition.

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